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Audio Walk is meant to be listened to while walking in an urban space. You can listen to the piece with your headphones on your own smartphone. We recommend that you use an open headphone model or turn off the noise canceling setting of your headphones.

Siiri Hänninen & Jon Pettersson: Audio Walk

Siiri Hänninen & Jon Pettersson 
1998 & 1998, Helsinki 

Jon Pettersson’s works use careful gestures to approach the semantic wilderness of sound and word, where drones are deployed and shipwrecked ASMR glitches are raked together from the fine sand.  

Siiri Hänninen is a curious dreamer and a builder of sorts. Her works are spaces, or take place in spaces. Through them, she strives to provide space to explore, discover and perceive. In her work, she creates moods while dreaming of gentler ways of being and encountering.  

Hänninen and Pettersson collaborated for the first time for the Generation 2023 exhibition. 

Kuunnelmakävely (eng. Audio Walk)
2023, audio work

Audio Walk
leads the listener to a familiar city, where a new personal but shared space emerges from a fabric formed by music, sound and language. 

Our generation is detached from its environment in many ways, and living in a commercialised urban space can alienate and make you indifferent. On the other hand, amid this indifference and squeezing through it, it feels like our generation is required to find solutions to the big questions that define our existence. 

The soundscape in the piece encourages you to listen to and be sensitive to your own surroundings, and thus create a new spiritual urban space; a new will to care for it. The work aims to expand the way we talk about our experiences through the playfulness of language and by moving along the interfaces between words and sounds. 

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